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Warrous platform for IoT with Big Data Analytics
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The Warrous device tracks the location of your car using GPS positioning system.

Data Collection

The Collected data is sent to the Warrous cloud using a mobile network or car wifi.

Data Analysis

Warrous cloud analyzes the received data and alerts you in the event of any unexpected activity.


You receive a loud push notification and/or the SMS backup notification.



  • Multi-layered Security

    Based on the industry’s security standards otonomo provides a multi-layered security approach that includes strong encryption, layer 7 Firewall, data anonymization, field validations, and more.

  • Simplified Data Access

    Warrous marketplace packages car-generated data parameters into data bundles. Service providers can subscribe to these data bundles and receive aggregated anonymized data and data from specific car owners. In addition, they can get reports, analytics and notifications tailored for their specific needs

  • Rich & Intuitive API

    Car OEMs and service providers and market managers all have their own API interface that enables comprehensive access to warrous's data exchange.

  • Data Normalization

    Without comprehensive global standards for managing data, every car manufacturer has its own data structure, making it difficult to integrate with apps and services. Warrous does this heavy lifting translating all data into a “normalized” language that everyone can speak

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Big Data Analytics

No Matter how big is your Data, Originate Vital Insights from Controlled & Formless Data from Multiple Sources.

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